The most prominent part of Europe

A land of stunning natural landscapes, rich history and folklore. This is just a small taste of what the Schengen Region has to offer!

Consisting of the most prominent members of Europe, the Schengen Region’s strategic location offers access to the rest of the neighboring countries with a fast and efficient transportation network making it easy to hop from one city to another especially if your business spreads or extends to other countries.

In the Schengen Region you can enjoy the four seasons with warm summers and crisp winters. For those loving adventures, this region has immense number of national parks including UNESCO World Heritage sites. Long walks in this park enjoying a warm summer day or through the picturesque villages will acquaint you with the people and their culture and that is how you will learn about this country. 

A diverse region

Hiking, biking or walking in the country site is one of the many ways a family may enjoy nature. A lovely picnic by the lake Balaton, Hungary or Lake Como, Italy is another way to have fun for the day.

Visiting the ancient, historic castles of the region such as Versailles, France certainly fills one with unforgettable moments.

The capitals of this region include the magnificent Paris where art and culture meets in a vibrant reality; Rome where tradition and religion formulate a very unique and distinctive experience; Budapest, the Paris of the East, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

For those loving the healing and relaxing thermal spas, it is important to know that there are about 1500 spas across the region. Influenced by the Turkish and Roman times, the region is worldwide known for these thermal spas.


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